GoVivid UV LED Printers

GoVivid Wave Printer

With the GoVivid Wave™, you can reproduce the crisp details, fine text and vibrant, full – color images with outstanding durability on a variety of media and 3D objects, from wood to ceramic tiles, plastics and more…

The GoVivid Wave™ is the next generation printer. This workhorse printer is epic, offering a more robust print area and options. The Wave is the perfect fit for high production environments, as well as specialty printing projects.

Great for ADA compliant sign-making projects.

The robust digital printing system offers a “smart laser” beam print head protection system. Standard model includes c-m-y-k-ww-gg colors.

GoVivid’s bright white ink creates very dense images, allowing users to print on any colored media to produce stunning, bright colors with a white base. Conversely, GoVivid’s gloss clear ink creates glossy or multi–coat visual effects on the printed surface.

The GoVivid Wave™ can print on objects up to 4.5” (114mm) high, with an outstanding reproduction quality of 1440 dpi.

GoVivid Breeze Printer

GoVivid’s entry level printer is a Breeze, offering a simple, easy-to-use print system that complements sign, award, gift and design houses. As the name implies… it’s a Breeze to use, and you will quickly master the art of productivity with this DTS UV-LED printer.

An ideal solution for many applications and materials, including plastics, ceramics, glass, aluminum, wood and more.

The most powerful and productive machine available on the market today, the GoVivid Breeze™ offers outstanding printing durability and performance to suit any unique project requirements and needs.

Great for ADA compliant sign-making projects.

The GoVivid Breeze™ easily prints white and colored ink in a single pass on a printing size of up to 11.75” x 31” (298.5x787.4mm), delivering exceptional image quality in half the production time when compared to other industry models.

With the capability to print up to 7.5” (191mm) high, this printer is a Breeze to use- not only for the graphics and sign markets, but for small design studios, as well.

GoVivid 7200z

With print speeds up to 29.7 m2/hr // 320 ft2/hr and a printable area of 600mm x 1,200mm // *23.8” x 48”, the 7200z is a TRUE Production Center and features optional accessories and modules like:

  • Pallet Shuttle System for automated and continuous printing
  • EasyCyl 7200 – Cylindrical printing
  • EasyRoll 7200 – Roll-to-roll printing
  • Patent pending ADA-Compliant/Braille Signage printing

GoVivid Direct Color Systems

UV printing doesn’t have to be hard. Direct Color Systems® has mastered the art and science of UV LED ink and UV LED printing with this family of class-leading small-format UV LED inkjet printers. And with a Bulk Ink System™ standard on most models, UV LED printing need not break the bank.