Training Classes

Laser Engraver Training is Convenient and Easy!

Now you can get Corel training from us over the phone lines and the Internet. Using we can do training from the comfort of our offices. We arrange a cyber meeting, you go the the GoToMeeting website and sign in as our guest. We then phone you and answer all your questions!

A few things to remember for your Training Session

We train with and prior to your scheduled Training Session we will provide instructions on how to preload the software needed for our Training. Please remember to allow enough time to prepare for your meeting (usually well under than 15 minutes).

A high speed internet connection (no dialup) is required on the computer with Corel or engraving software installed. You can watch our instruction on a computer without Corel but it is to your advantage to have Corel on your system in the event we need to turn the screen over to you so we can watch you perform a task.

A phone is required next to the computer with Corel or engraving software installed. Our training specialist will need to speak with you while we work at the computer.

Due to the varying levels of security with firewalls we cannot guarantee that a connection is possible. We can pre-test the internet connection and firewall if requested. Please provide some advanced warning if this is required. We can do some training with just the phone call but it is far less productive if you cannot see us perform the tasks on screen.

Our Rates

1 hr


2 hrs


3 hrs


4+ hrs


We will allow you to split the hours over multiple sessions but you must prepay the entire fee.

We can do custom pricing for companies with special needs. If you have ongoing training needs please let us know your requirements and we’ll negotiate a fee.

One-on-One Training Sessions

On-Site Corel Training, done by a member of the Class Act Engraving staff, $450 per day. Our itinerary is created by you. If you need help with Corel Draw, that’s what we do. If you need help with Photo Laser Plus, that’s what we do. No canned presentations, just training on the tools you need.

Hourly training at our offices, $50-85 per hour, contact us for a quotation.